New Moon Rising
These nine, beautifully irregular, practically out of reach, are destined to shine.
By Arthur Kelley / Photography by Michael Dismatsek.

First a casual glance, next, sustained regard, then the staring begins – eyes carefully trained on that special someone. It’s instinctive really, the desire to find the stand-out, the exceptional figure bound for glory. The search never ends - at parties, in classrooms, around the workplace – for the one to watch, that one person whom we expect more of than any other.

In an all too mundane world, they are a soaring note, men and women who may some day leave us breathless, but for now have us holding our breath in anticipation.

These are the impossible to ignore people. Always young, often beautiful, they captivate us, they represent our hopes for the future, they leave us feeling as bedazzled as adoring parents.

Our search for generation next ran the gamut of human endeavour, from sports to medicine, a painstaking hunt for prodigies, geniuses and virtuosos. We observed artwork, studied photographs, heard music, listened to song, visited the gridiron and even peered into outer space. From a well spring of local talent emerged nine people definitely, absolutely, undeniably worth watching.

Karen Schreiber, Fine art photographer

Monet would likely approve – and be somewhat envious of the technique which creates impressionist images with a camera instead of a brush. Softening harsh light, rounding sharp edges, dissolving elements, muting colours, revealing haze where none exists, inducing dreams while awake – the power of Schreiber’s lens is simply extraordinary. In galleries and homes her large format prints are often mistaken for the work of 19th century impressionists, but they are highly sophisticated multiple exposures, artfully rendered by an innovative and uninhibited photographer blessed with an all seeing eye.